NOTICE: Get Books From Other Retailers Before They Go Exclusive to Amazon

Hey, all!

Just a brief update to let my readers (who DON'T use Amazon/Kindle) know that I will be moving my books to Amazon exclusively at the beginning of next week.

This move is for some special promo in the works, and while I am unsure of how long they will be exclusive on Amazon, I do have plans to reintroduce them back onto the other book retailers in the future. I just wanted to give any readers from other retailers a heads up so they have the chance to pick up any outstanding books in any series of mine that they may want to get before the switch.

Please know, I don't ever want readers to feel abandoned by me. I love working with ALL the retailers I've had the privilege to do business with. As stated earlier, this will be part of some special promo that I am doing to help increase exposure, along with others I work with.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you don't use Amazon, I hope you'll consider downloading the free Kindle App and continue to follow my work on Amazon while it is there.

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Happy reading and wishes for a beautiful day!