THE BOOK DATE: Day 2 with Mr. Hollywood!

He had everything, but the one thing he wanted...
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The Book Date is like the "special features" that come with your favorite blockbuster movies, with outtakes and gag reels and personal insight. This "date" gives you a chance to try out a book before you commit to it. Haha! Now this date WON'T treat you to dinner, but it will offer you a chance to win some treats of your own, so keep coming back for more goodies and even some giveaways!

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Author: Lacey Weatherford
*Age Recommendation: 18+ for mature themes and sexual situations.

Women want him.
Men want to be him.
But sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

Early reviewers call this story “a brilliant tale of love, guilt, trauma, recovery, renewal and exquisite emotion, mixed with steamy sexiness that is sure to delight! Mr. Hollywood is a rollercoaster of a ride that you don’t want to miss!”  - From Amazon Product Page

(In the voice of Aubrey Hart)
Reaching room number twelve, I knocked lightly, glancing at the name on my chart. “I’m here for morning rounds, Mr. Carpenter,” I said through the door.
“Come in,” a slightly gruff voice said.
Turning the knob, I entered, balancing the items I was carrying in my other hand. “Good morning, Mr. Carp—”
A small shriek escaped my lips as I stared at the man in front of me and everything I was holding clattered to the floor. Eyes widening, I covered my mouth, as shock flooded my system and I backed away.
In a flash he moved, zipping behind me and shutting the door. “Aubrey, please let me explain.” His words came out in a rush as he stared at me.
“You’re here. How are you here? How is this possible?” Tears came, unbidden, as I took in the extremely handsome man in front of me. He’d been a boy the last time I’d seen him in person, but there was no doubt he was a man now.
My traitorous body instantly reacted to being in the same room with him, just like it had in high school. Everything felt heightened and on the verge of exploding. I’d never expected to see him again—ever. I’d made my peace with it. Yet, here he was.
Unspeaking, he simply continued to stare at me, a thirsty look filling his incredible blue eyes, the same blue eyes that had hypnotized me every second I’d ever spent with him.
Stop! I yelled, mentally. You can’t let him affect you like this again! Pull yourself together! Steeling myself I dropped my hands. “What are you doing here?” I said, more forcefully.
A soft chuckle escaped him, and the action drew my attention to his very well formed chest that was aptly highlighted in the V-neck t-shirt he was wearing. From there I drifted to his large biceps, noting he had tattoos that didn’t used to be there. “Isn’t it obvious,” he said, redirecting my focus back to his gorgeous face and his full lips—lips that used to kiss me for hours at a time. I wondered how many other women besides me had had the pleasure of his kiss now. “I seem to have discovered I have a little drug problem.”
It wasn’t until then that I actually noticed how much he was shaking. Seeing that shocked me back into my routine. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. You need your meds!”
Glancing at the floor, I saw the pills scattered across the papers from his file.
“Let me go get you some fresh ones real quick,” I added, bending to pick up what I’d dropped and trying to scoop up the papers.
“Aubrey.” My name was soft on his lips as he crouched beside me, reaching out and stilling my hands with his own. Heat streaked through me instantly at the contact. “These pills are fine.” Carefully, he pried my fingers open and took the medication, popping it quickly into his mouth. Eyes never leaving me, it was as if a thousand questions were in them. “I’m sorry I shocked you, but damn girl, it’s great to see you again.”

I couldn’t stand sitting here pretending we both weren’t ignoring the giant elephant in the room. Unable to hold it back anymore, I burst into tears. “You left me.”

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