THE BOOK DATE: Day Three with Mr. Hollywood!

He had everything, but the one thing he wanted...
Welcome to DAY THREE of
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Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Author: Lacey Weatherford
*Age Recommendation: 18+ for mature themes and sexual situations.
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Women want him.
Men want to be him.
But sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

Reviewers call this story “a brilliant tale of love, guilt, trauma, recovery, renewal and exquisite emotion, mixed with steamy sexiness that is sure to delight! Mr. Hollywood is a rollercoaster of a ride that you don’t want to miss!”  - From Amazon Product Page

*AUTHOR'S NOTE: When I wrote Mr. Hollywood, I had several reader questions from a group I was in on Facebook. I chose some to answer for the Release Day Blitz, but right around the release is when my health started failing so badly. I basically ended up in a medically induced coma for several months while trying to get regulated with all the medication I was on. So I truly don't remember if this ever got shared! haha Thanks for letting me share it with you now. :) 

1.     Do you get the ideas for steamy scenes from personal experience?

James & Lacey
Hmmm. I would lean mostly to no with this one. Every now and then I may draw on something from personal experience for an idea, but I usually let the characters dictate what is going to happen during the actual writing of the scene. I like to write what flows from them naturally, not force them into “my” preferences or lifestyle, although my hubby is always telling me he would be happy to help with any “research.” Ha ha!

 2.     How do you come up with the ideas for your book? What is the most unique way an idea has come to you?

I’m open to ideas from anywhere. It could be something visual, something I heard—any and all forms of ideas are paid attention to. The most unique way I’ve received an idea? Probably when my daughter was dying her hair from blonde back to her natural color of dark brown, but it went on black. That was what gave me the initial idea for my Of Witches and Warlocks series.

3.     Have you ever met a movie star?

Yes, I have, a couple actually. And I think I reacted to both in the same manner, with a severe case of tongue tied-ness, which is really funny because I don’t “fan-girl” at all. I’m not that person that gets all excited over seeing a celebrity. I’m not sure why, I just never have been. LOL!

When I was around the age of 16, I met Stewart Peterson. He is the boy in “Where the Red Fern
Grows.” Obviously he was a man by that point—a very good-looking man at the time. I have no idea what he looks like these days. I was too shy to go introduce myself, so my best friend took a pen and paper to him and got his autograph for me.

I’ve also met Ramin Karimloo, Broadway star extraordinaire, and my personal favorite “Phantom” of the Opera. And by met, I mean I stood at the stage door to congratulate him on his performance and when he got to me I seriously could NOT speak. One. Word. Yeah, if I was ever “star stuck” it was in that moment. I think I had so many things I wanted to tell him about his music that my brain couldn’t settle on just one thing. I tried to get a picture with him but my phone froze and had to be restarted, so all I have is my memories of me standing there staring after him, gaping like a fish, and waving like an imbecile when he drove away.

4.     How much research did you have to do for the therapy part of Mr. Hollywood?

Great question! I can say most people would probably be surprised at how many things I research for my books. Even if I change some things, or take author liberties at times, I always try to base it in something factual. To me, the more realistic a story is, the better chance it has connecting with readers. So I’m constantly searching out even the tiniest details in my book, things that might never even matter to readers, but they matter to me.

As far as the therapy scenes, I researched not just the certain types of therapy and procedures, but I also different therapy centers and how they admit people, as well as what happens during the admittance process, and more. Some of the things I learned made it into the book, other things were not needed, but I like that I have the research to back up the things characters did or said. It just makes it feel that much more real and relatable, I think. Also, I have past employment in the medical field and have worked with many patients struggling with mental health issues, often in life-threatening scenarios.

5.     Is Jase Dean as dreamy as he looks on the cover of Mr. Hollywood?

My daughter, Callista, with
cover model, Jase Dean
Haha! First, let me preface my comments by saying I’ve been very lucky in the cover model department. Every model I’ve worked with, both male and female, has been a pleasure to know, and on photo shoots my team and I have done personally, those have been some of the most fun moments of my career, thus far.

The REAL Jase Dean and
Lacey Weatherford! ;)
Regarding Jase, he is as dreamy as he looks on the cover – even hotter in real life, if that’s possible! I’d known of Jase online and then finally got to meet him two summers ago at the Love N Vegas signing. My husband and I had gone to breakfast together and were seated at a table when Jase came up and asked if he could join us. (Like I was going to say no!) We spent the next little while visiting, laughing, (even some crying…honestly) and attracting more people to our table. After just a few minutes of visiting with Jase, I knew I wanted him to be on one of my books. His personality is amazing! He is truly one of the nicest, most polite, humble guys you will ever meet. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to meet him to do so. You won’t regret it!

6.     Would you like to experience the glitz and glamor of a red carpet at least once?

I already have! Haha! As far as an actual Hollywood Premiere, I just happened to stumble upon the Hollywood Walk of Fame right near the end of a Red Carpet Premiere for a Vince Vaughn movie. It was pretty much done by the time we arrived, but we did see some people getting their pictures taken.

James & Lacey at
Kailin Gow's Rockin'
Hollywood Signing at
Madame Tussauds Wax
Museum on Hollywood Blvd.
I was also invited with my daughter, author Kamery Solomon, to attend the 25th Anniversary Red Carpet Celebrity Event for Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in New York. Let me tell you—it was INCREDIBLE! We had SO. MUCH. FUN! And it was the one time in my life I “fan-girled” like an insane woman when Ramin Karimloo walked out on the stage to sing. He is my FAVORITE singer and to get to hear him sing Phantom live was dream come true for both of us. I hope we will get the chance to meet him again in the future . . . you know, so I can think of something to actually SAY to him this time! Haha #Starstruck

And, I was one of the “celebrities” at the Rockin’ Hollywood Signing at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on Hollywood Boulevard, and won an “Oscar” for being “The Best of the Best!” Haha! It was a fun night!

7.     Mr. Hollywood has tattoos, do you? Will you share what and where?

I do! I’ve sworn my whole life that I’d never get a tattoo. One, because I hate needles, and Two, I’m a little on the claustrophobic side and the idea of having something permanently etched onto me is a tiny bit frightening.

That said, I have two tattoos, and I’m on the look out for a possible third. The first one is a pretty heart design on my right shoulder blade. My cover model/co-author from my Chase Walker series, Chase Walden, asked me to go get one with him (he’s one of my dearest friends). I got the heart because it went with my brand, The Queen of Hearts, and that’s my brand because I love LOVE. So it should be no surprise to anyone that my second tattoo is the word Love. It’s on my wrist as a reminder that Love is the key to happiness. If I’m being totally honest, I got the second tattoo because so many people gave me grief for getting the first one. So I wanted one that would show all the time and not be covered by my clothes, but spread the message of what is really important in life—LOVE. Yeah, I’m ornery like that. LOL!

8.     I know you like to write while listening to music. What were the two most played songs on Mr. Hollywood’s playlist?

Screenshot of Mr. Hollywood playlist. I think it is pretty to
       say I wrote a vast majority of this book to those two songs.
Hahahaha! This is actually a great question because the top two songs on my playlist were played HUNDREDS of more times than the rest of the songs on my playlist. Sometime I just find a good song that pumps me up hardcore and I keep it on repeat to help me stay energized and moving along. So here you go.
The 2nd most played song on my Mr. Hollywood playlist is:
I’m Free (Heaven Help the Man) Kenny Loggins, Footloose Soundtrack.
And the number one song (cue drumroll):
Immortals, Fall Out Boy, Big Hero Six Soundtrack.

9.     The prologue of the story takes place on a farm. Have you ever experienced farm life?

I’m totally a farm girl. My mom remarried when I was six years old and a short while later we moved to the country where my stepdad was raised. We grew crops and raised animals. I’ve herded cows, milked cows, and goats, slopped the many pigs we had, gathered the eggs from the chickens, been chased by mean geese, and raised my own rabbits…until I found out my stepdad intended to eat them all, and then I refused to raise anymore! Haha. Rabbits are one of my spirit totems. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it is good mojo for me to eat my spirit guide! #BunnyLover

10.  If you could do anything you wanted right this minute, what would it be?

I would hop on a plane to Paris! Paris is being featured in my next book, Persuade (companion story to Allure), and I’m so excited about writing these parts that I want to go there, RIGHT NOW. LOL! I love all that old world architecture. It just looks incredible!

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