**SPRING SALE: The Crush series FREE or .99¢ each! VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER!

**SPRING SALE** Read the entire Crush series for FREE or .99¢ each! VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER!

I apologize. With my bad health and the death of my aunt this week, I totally spaced that I had an Easter sale of The Crush Series going on. 

TODAY (Tues.29th) is the last day Crush, book one, will be FREE, then it will go to .99¢. The rest of the books are all listed at .99¢ during this Kindle Countdown Deal, so they can all be read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited as well. 

Again, I say, snatch them up now because this is a very limited time offer and I don’t do it much with this particular series.

Thanks for all the support! Happy Spring!