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Excerpt: Craft
(In the voice of Jett Blackstone)
Seth had been pretty quiet of late, not that I could really blame him. He was still pissed at me for binding all of our powers together. I knew why he was really mad, though. He didn’t mind being bound to Kenna at all; it was realizing that I was attached to them forever, too, that made him irritated. He wanted Kenna all for himself.
So did I.
If someone would’ve told me at the beginning of this year I’d be heading to ancient Ireland in a freak time-travel incident, and while there I’d be pining after a girl I wanted all to myself, I would have snorted and called them delusional.
There was just something about Kenna—this spark I’d never felt before. I knew she was meant for me. I didn’t know how I knew, only that I did. Unfortunately, Seth felt exactly the same way.


Title: CRAFT
Series: Of Witches and Demons, book 2
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Author: Lacey Weatherford
Cover Design: Lacey Weatherford
Cover Model: Pepe Toth as Jett Blackstone
Agent: Ellie McLove (Love N Books)