Free Books! Prizes! Be first in the know! Find out how!

Free Books! Prizes! Be first in the know! Find out how!

**IN THIS POST: I'm back! New Release news for (Which book? Can you guess?), Email Signup Prizes, Pinterest Book Board!"**

Hi, all! (smiles and waves) I've been TERRIBLE about posting updates. Please know, it hasn't been intentional. I deeply apologize. It's going to be a lot better from now on!

For those unaware, I've struggled with multiple illnesses over the last two years, causing many life threatening issues. Thankfully, after a LOT of doctor visits, and some surprise discoveries, things finally seem to be getting better. I can actually get out of bed and do things now. I honestly don't recognize the town. So many new buildings...I'm constantly saying, "When did that happen?"and my hubby always replies, "Like 2 years ago." I feel like I've been in the Twilight Zone. 😆

My hubby is also in the middle of building me a new office, in between his work (RN/House Supervisor for our regional hospital) and taking me to all my doctor visits (Yes, he's awesome! #stud). The office is getting closer to finished now, and I am so excited! Just a bit more sheet rock and we will be ready for taping and texturing.

Never fear...I am writing elsewhere while I wait for it be finished. My next book out is PERSUADE, which is" A Leathers Novel," for all those of you who loved ALLURE and asked for more from this world.

By the way, you made ALLURE a SUPER MEGA HIT! I can't think off the top of my head what all the final "accolades" were for it, but it hit the top 100 in every ebook retailer, if not even in the top ten of some of the major US retailers, and it was #1 in ALL of New Zealand in the Apple iBooks store! #Supercool 😍

I have been loving the new story, and hope you will too. The books in this series can all be read as standalone, but there will be a few threads and characters that twist through them all as things go along. For instance, Six and Brooklyn from ALLURE will be secondary characters in this book.

I have changed the cover of PERSUADE, though, to better match the story. Stay tuned for that cover reveal and other sneak peeks. No official release date until I message my editor for scheduling. Sorry.

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Sounds like a sweet deal to me. I LOVE giving back to readers...whom I consider my friends--friends like YOU!. Hopefully I will be able to hit some signings soon, once I regain a little more physical stamina, again. I'll let you know first in the email when and where my appearances will be.

So what're you waiting for? Click that sign up button and go get some goodies!

PS: Leave me a comment in the thread, of a favorite book you read this summer. I'm rebuilding my reading list these days and I love sharing other authors books on my Pinterest board. I've found a ton of great books that was. If you have Pinterest, feel free to follow me there (Lacey Weatherford Books) and check out my book list. I'm happy to put covers with a store link on my Book page.

What's your favorite book EVER and / or your favorite book this summer?🤔

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