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Hello, friends!

Wow! What a crazy year. As things often get especially hectic around the holidays, causing added stress, I hope you are remembering to take a little time to relax, enjoy, and pamper yourself!

Our house has been bustling with activity, decorating, baking, wrapping gifts, and family coming home to visit, which I LOVE! Since we live in the country, our winter routine also consisted of many trips to cut wood, as it is the sole heat source for our home. While getting wood isn’t always the most fun, there is nothing quite like the heat of a real, burning fire. It is so homey! I’m enjoying mine now as I drink a steaming cup of peppermint tea, complete with a candy cane stir stick. Sometimes the simplest things make life feel truly decadent. Don’t you agree?

With that being said, what is more fun than reading a good book by the fire for some quick stress relief? Or on the beach, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere! (Or anywhere, for that matter! Haha.) I promised I’d have some news for you soon, well, here it is. Break out those Christmas eReaders you got and get ready to fill them up with some more great items!

My adult contemporary romance story, Mr. Hollywood, was picked up by an ebook publisher. (Yay!) This book never got a proper release, as I fell terribly ill right when it came out. I spent the next two years in quite the health battle and am just now recovering. So, Mr. Hollywood has been “re-released” in a three-part version, and a complete version. You can get part one FREE through the links and sites below. I apologize, the three-part version isn’t available yet on some sites, but it will be shortly. The complete version is available on all sites, however.

Women want him.
Men want to be him.
But sometimes things aren't always what they seem.

From #1 International, USA Today, and Award-Winning Author, Lacey Weatherford, comes part one in a contemporary romance of lost love, heartbreak, and searching for forgiveness. Hollywood A-list hotshot, Z. McCartney, doesn't even recognize the man he's become. While his professional life has excelled, taking him to heights he never imagined, he's never really been able to enjoy it due to the price he paid for it . . . his one true love, Aubrey. Losing that love has only sent him careering into the crazy world of parties and substance abuse, as he tries to continue numbing his pain. However, just when things seem bleakest, life suddenly gives him the opportunity for a second chance. Faced with the prospect of seeing Aubrey again has set his heart racing. What will she say when she sees him? Can he make up for all his past mistakes? All he knows is he will do anything required of him to make the last ten years right. Now if he can only get her to listen . . .

Download book one for FREE here:    Get the COMPLETE story for $3.99:
                                                AMAZON                                                                  AMAZON
                                                APPLE IBOOKS                                                       APPLE IBOOKS
                                              BARNES & NOBLE                                                 BARNES & NOBLE
                                                        KOBO                                                                         KOBO
                                                SMASHWORDS                                                        SMASHWORDS

Persuade, the second stand-a-lone novel in the Leathers series, sequel to #1 International Overall Bestseller, Allure. I know my “steamy” book lovers have been waiting for this one for a long time. I apologize for the wait. (I was trying not to die…is that a good excuse? Haha) I know you want the date. Honestly, it was supposed to release right now, in the place of Mr. Hollywood, but this pick up of that book was a last-minute development that caused me to delay production on Persuade, so Mr. Hollywood was ready to go for the new publisher. Because of that, I’ve had to reset my editing date, which I will get after the holidays. So, it is coming soon…that is all I can tell you directly in this moment. The next release after Persuade will be Crypt, book three of my young adult paranormal romance series, Of Witches and Demons. So, hopefully you’ll have a couple new books from me in the next few months. Yay! Again, thanks for your patience. It’s been so appreciated. Things should be coming faster now.

                                                                      OTHER GOODIES: 
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STAY TUNED for more new announcements coming very soon! Thank you again, for all your wonderful support. I wish you all a very Happy New Year! 

Best Wishes!