5 Reasons Why Free eBooks are the Best Gift Ever!

5 Reasons Why Free eBooks are the Best Gift Ever!
(Plus, 20 Free Valentine’s Day Ideas, for singles, couples, families, and/or groups!)

Sometimes in life you DON’T get what you paid for. Wait. What? Sometimes items you aren’t paying for can be both free AND incredible at the same time. You don’t have to settle for one or the other. Free eBooks are definitely one of those items.

Here are 5 reasons why free eBooks might be the best gift ever! Plus, I’ve added 20 cheap ideas you can use with books, or your own skills, to make Valentine’s Day spectacular! And there is a giveaway with 60 FREE BOOKS!! 

Read on:

5 Reasons Why Free eBooks are the Best Gift Ever!

1.       FREE. Free eBooks are awesome because there is no financial risk to your pocketbook. This allows the reader to try out new authors and genres, without the risk of feeling like they “wasted” their money (or yours) if they end up not liking the book.

2.       eBook gifting is easy and fast. Did you forget Valentine’s Day? Does your significant other love books? Hop online and within a couple of clicks you can purchase an eBook and gift it right from the purchase page. All you need is the email address of whomever you wish to send it to.

3.       Return/Exchangeability. Whether free or not, eBooks are just as easy to return. If you purchased an eBook for someone and it doesn’t quite tickle their fancy, they can exchange it for something they might like better. You will still get the gift credit, and they will get hours of reading pleasure.

4.       Escapism. While it is always good to stay up to date on what is going on in the world, sometimes people just need to get away from it all for a while. A mental “checkout” into a different setting can often help in reducing stress. Less stress = less crazy. This is GOOD. Give yourself or someone else a “book-cation.” Trust me, it will save you a bundle in travel expenses.

5.       Selection. There are literally thousands and thousands of free eBooks out there in virtually every single subject imaginable. If you can’t find an eBook about it, it probably doesn’t exist. You are guaranteed to find a subject that will interest your loved one, and if you mistakenly grab the wrong thing, then refer to reason #3. Win/win for everyone.


Valentine’s Day is about sharing love with those around you, whether it is romantic love or not. If you’re single, then take this chance to love and pamper yourself.

Here are 20 tips and ideas for free and inexpensive ways you can use books, and/or your own awesome skills, for Valentine’s Day. They could be better than waiting to be seated at a fancy restaurant or standing in line to go to the latest chick flick. Remember, it’s the message behind your actions that is the true gift.

1.       Take It to the Tub. If you’re making the day special for yourself or someone else, one small tip can make reading in a relaxing bubble bath a breeze. Simply slip that eReader into a plastic baggie, like a Zip-lock bag. The plastic is thin enough to register your touch on your device and it will keep it nice and dry from wet fingers or that accidental drop into the water. Sit back and enjoy your favorite sparkling beverage, and some candlelight. (*Note: I use this one myself and it has successfully saved my device. #ThankGoodness)

2.       Fire pit night. Nothing brightens a party like a fire, just make sure it is a safe one. Sitting at the fire pit and roasting marshmallows can be a fun activity for the whole family, & friends. Make sure to use pink marshmallows if you want to add a dash of holiday color to your treats. Then go around the fire and tell each other something you love or admire about them.

3.       Make treats together. If you’re home late from work and don’t have time to organize something, make a special dinner or bake treats together. A lot of fun can be had in the kitchen, even if you aren’t a great cook and need to get premade cookie dough, or something. The point is to HAVE FUN. Be silly. Make heart shapes in the dough, or write messages on cakes, etc. Just let loose and enjoy it.

4.       Valentine’s Karaoke. You don’t need any fancy setup to sing all your favorite romantic songs with friends. All you need is something you can sing to (phone, stereo, TV) and a connection to YouTube. You can find karaoke versions of all kinds of songs, with the lyrics, for your free singing pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you sound like an opera star or tone deaf. This is always good for crowd pleasing and laughs.

5.       Candlelight dinner. Whether for yourself, or more people, a candlelight dinner with soft music is always a special treat. Use whatever food you have on hand and set your table pretty. Then sit down and enjoy a quiet, homecooked meal. Simple. Easy. Wonderful. Get extra points for cleaning up too!

6.       Snuggle reading. Snuggle up in bed and listen to an eBook using the text-to-speech feature. Then you can pause, comment, and enjoy the story with each other. If you’re going solo this year, then I suggest a good snuggle in a bunch of fluffy blankets, a candle for some atmosphere (burn responsibly), and a delightful book of your choice. (Works with TV too, and still free. đŸ˜‰)

7.       Write a love note and slip the code in for an eBook.

8.       Go somewhere with special significance to you and eat, visit, relax, read, etc.

9.       Give a massage to your partner. Nothing is quite so loving as helping each other truly
relax. You can find eBooks on giving your partner a sensual massage, foot and hand massages, cranial massages, even mani-pedis. This way you get a gift and can get one in return. #score

10.   Hold hands and go for a romantic stroll. Simply reconnecting is always good for relationships.

11.   Have a picnic. Throw together some easy favorites you have in your kitchen and head outside with a blanket. If it is too cold in your area to do that, then have an indoor picnic to switch things up.

12.   Texting/sexting. Steer away from the nudes that can end up where you don’t want them. There are a LOT of fun, free, and cheap, emoji apps. Use some terrific GIFs and stickers to send to your partner all day as a lead up to the big night. #foreplay

13.   Pull out the photo albums (or your cloud app) and remember your relationship together. It’s always great to remember why we fell in love in the first place.

14.   Snow sports. For those of you in the cold country, building a snowman, having a snowball fight, making snow angels, sledding and tubing, can all be fun free activities. Afterward you can cuddle up by the fire with some books and drink hot chocolate to get warm.

15.   Invite friends over for a love themed game night. You can even use kid games, like Candyland, for silly fun and give out baked treats for rewards to the winners.

16.   Stargazing. If you live in a place with low light “noise,” then the Universe has the greatest show around. Trampolines or pick up beds work nice as a place to transform with warm blankets to cuddle up with a loved one.

17.   Strip Poker. Do you have a deck of cards? Get a seductive and playful night going with a game of strip poker. It’s totally free and has a nice payoff.

18.   Makeout/Kiss/Play Tonsil hockey. This is a personal favorite. No instructions necessary.

19.   Make a Love Jar with 365 reasons why you love your partner, one for every day of the
year. You can also throw in date ideas, stay at home suggestions, and random “love” actions that can be easily performed when they are pulled from the jar.

20.   Okay…the obvious one… Have Sex. I don’t recommend reading during this. Give this one your complete attention. Haha. You can, however, download many free romance books to help you get in the mood, or read to relax afterward!

 Since romance books are my “thing,” here's the opportunity to get a TRUCKLOAD of free books from the Love & Books Giveaway, hosted by the awesome Love Kissed Book Bargains. Feel free to follow them as they are constantly promoting new authors and free books to their readership. To get your free books, please follow the link below.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

With Love,


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